The most memorable Miami holidays are made of sunshine, good food and great places to discover. Now, imagine a weekend in Bal Harbour, shopping, dining and exploring Miami attractions for families. It’s an exceptional choice for Miami vacation packages.


Day 1

Arrive and check in to your hotel. Explore the pool, then continue to the white sand beach. Wander the mile-long Bal Harbour beach path to the jetty where kids are fishing with their parents. Cyclist pass and serenity surrounds you. Looking to the blues in the ocean, you notice windsurfing, waverunning and parasailing available to try. Instead, you opt to explore the nostalgia of the Sea View Hotel.

Then it’s time to return to your room to get ready for dinner. Reservations at Makoto ensure a great table. You explore Chef Makoto’s unique take on Asian classics, and its exceptional sushi bar and sake-focused drinks menu.

After dinner, you stroll under the stars, taking in the gentle sea breeze before returning to your hotel.


Day 2

Your morning begins with a yoga class at Exhale Spa at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour. It’s the precisely perfect start to your day.

Following sunrise yoga, you have breakfast on the second level of the Bal Harbour Shops. Pick up a paper, a great espresso and an Argentinian specialty, a pastelito, and imagine you’re a local while you take in the tastes of the morning. It’s a perfect place for people watching as you decide which shops, boutiques and jewelry stores to explore.

After visiting a dozen shops, and finding that just-right item you’ve been searching for, you stroll to Le Zoo. The French brasserie creates a memorable lunch with their Trout Amandine. Following the delicious mid-day meal, it’s time for some serious relaxing on the beach. With beachside service, you have all the amenities of the hotel, with the sand under your feet. Paradise surrounds you.

Back at your hotel, you shower, change and head to Hillstone at Bal Harbour for their steak and tuna salad. After dinner it’s time to go to the St Regis to order a special wine from their incomparable wine selection. A quick cab ride later, and you’re in South Beach, amid all the energy of the bars and clubs. At the end of the evening, you’re delighted that your hotel is just minutes away, but nestled in the tranquility of Bal Harbour.


Day 3

Your brunch at the hotel on Sunday is an ideal start to a new day. Then you hop in your car and check out the PAMM museum and its modern and contemporary art. It’s part of the Bal Harbour Museum Art Access Program, so entrance is complimentary. The art and the building where it’s housed are so distinctive, they could only be in Miami.

It’s time to return to Bal Harbour for an early dinner at Carpaccio. Delicious Italian food is a great way to wrap up a memorable Miami vacation. You discuss your time over delectable pizza and pasta, and smile, realizing you’ve done more and seen more during this weekend in Bal Harbour than in any other. Just imagine if you stayed longer.