The most memorable Miami holidays are made of sunshine, good food and great places to discover. Now, imagine a weekend in Bal Harbour Village, shopping, dining and exploring Miami attractions for families, couples looking for that perfect escape, or friends gathering for a long weekend. It’s an exceptional choice for Miami vacation packages.

Day 1

You and your travel companions are all beaming as you arrive in beautiful Bal Harbour Village for a well-deserved getaway.  The ocean is brilliant blue, sparkling through the lobby windows, just steps beyond the expansive pool deck. That beautiful beach beckons. Perhaps a short nap on the beach? You relax on your lounge as children gleefully build sand castles.  In the ocean, you see windsurfers, parasailers, and some wave runners – and you promise yourself: I’ll do that tomorrow (maybe)! Post-siesta  and rejuvenated, its time for a stroll on Bal Harbour Village’s mile-long lavishly landscaped beach path.  You walk all the way to the iconic ocean jetty, surrounded by pelicans and seabirds, as energetic cyclist travel their designated, alternate beach path.  You think: ride a bike? Maybe tomorrow.  The sun and the sand and the sea. Wow. Its definitely time for a pick-me-up-perfect stop, pre-dinner at the ocean bar of the charming Sea View Hotel.

Luckily, your concierge made reservations for you at world renowned Makoto in the Bal Harbour Shops.  You each choose a different option on innovative Chef Makoto’s menu, savoring his au-courant reinvention of Asian classics, tasting options from the incomparable sushi bar. You will always remember Makoto’s creative, show-stopping, sake-focused drinks menu.  You’ll reminisce about this evening forever.

After dinner you all happily stroll through the beautiful Bal Harbour Shops, wandering under the stars, window shopping, and exhaling, as the gentle breeze wafts around you.  The day is almost over. The hotel beckons. Serenity.

Day 2

Your perfect morning begins with the breathtaking co-ed sunrise adult yoga class at Exhale Spa at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour. The excited children are signing in for the children’s day camp and you feel as young as they do!

It’s just a short walk everywhere in Bal Harbour, so, after exhilarating yoga, it’s only a few minute’s wall to breakfast at Bal Harbour Shops.  You enjoy exceptional expressos along with the ever-popular Miami treat — pastelitos. By day’s light the Shops are even more beautiful, and the koi ponds glitter like diamonds in the sunlight.  No need to choose from among all the elegant fashion boutiques and jewelry stores to explore:  you plan to visit them all!

After a totally indulgent shopping experience it is the best time to relish a luscious lunch at  Stephen Starr’s French brasserie Le Zoo  reminiscent of the cafes in Paris and the shores of St. Tropez.  Those marvelous frites, the Omelet Boursin. The Trout Amandine.  Fantastique!

The lovely afternoon ahead gives you time to relax and unwind at the beach.  You prepare to be pampered with ultra-personalized beachside services. With the sand under your feet, and clear blue skies overhead, you are in paradise.  With a deep sign you relax.

Sunset approaches, and lucky you.  It’s time for the iconic champagne sabering at The St. Regis Bal Harbour to kick off the evening.  After the bubbly, dinner is served at Hillstone, where you choose one of the outrageously delicious classic American dishes from the menu.  Walking back to the hotel after this memorable day you watch enthusiastic hotel guests, dressed to the nines – in fabulous Miami chic, hopping into cabs for a quick ride to South Beach, ready to be a part of the nearby vibrant, pulsating bars and the world famous club scene.  But you are satisfied, ready to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves, nestled in the tranquility of Bal Harbour Village.

Day 3

Wake up to sunshine, clear air and blue skies.  Nature’s beauty can never be boring! Be a bit lazy or start the morning with a swim in that pristine pool.  If its Sunday, then can enjoy the unparalleled hotel champagne brunch.  The concierge gave you a Unscripted Art Access Card that allows you complimentary museum admission, through the Bal Harbour Museum Art Access Program. You’ve chosen to spend a few hours at Miami’s nearby Pérez Art Museum Miami. The PAMM is internationally renowned for its modern and contemporary art collection as well as for its iconic architecture.  It’s a short and beautiful drive and, after the visit everyone agrees that the PAMM was well worthwhile.

As you leave the hotel for an early dinner at Carpaccio to enjoy word-class pizza, pasta,  a caprese salad and some vino, you are thrilled to see a wedding party being photographed in the spectacular hotel lobby.  The grooms both look so sophisticated and handsome in their elegant white dinner jackets.  Love is in the air.  Children dance happily to the vibrant Latin music that fills the lobby.  You want to dance too.  What a joyful Bal Harbour Village memory.

After dinner you are joined by family friends staying for the entire month at the newly renovated Beach Haus.  Everyone is eager to taste the best treat on the planet — the delicious Bianco gelato.

There is total agreement.  This getaway has been incredible. Bal Harbour Village is magical.  Just three days in Bal Harbour Village reminded you how amazing it is to sample paradise.  You are totally relaxed, refreshed and smiling from ear to ear.  You cannot wait to return and stay even longer.  Maybe a month next visit?  There’s so much to do in Bal Harbour Village and there’s no better place to do all of it — or, perhaps, you’ll want to do nothing at all.  What a choice.  How lucky can you be? You know you will come back –soon.