“Haus keepers” are required to sanitize hands after clocking-in and to wear masks during their shift.  The access to units is limited to guests’ requests or safety requirements.  New disposable gloves are worn and discarded after exiting each unit.

Beach Haus Units are thoroughly cleaned paying particular attention to high-touch items such as: Doors, faucets and vanity accessories, cabinetry handles, light switches, remote controls and temperature control panels.

Final disinfection is done fogging units with Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water, an eco-friendly powerful oxidant that can kill microbial pathogens immediately upon contact. Hotel use of Hypochlorous Acid .

All linen is laundered at a commercial facility with water temperature of at 160 °F and dried at  a temperature of 190 °F.

*We encourage all our visitors to stay informed and get the most updated information directly from the Government experts. Please visit the following link for the State of Florida for additional information or the following link for information from the CDC