Beach Path Art Exhibit

Somewhere in Bal Harbour

Leo Diaz – An Open- Air Photography Exhibition

This exhibition presents a curated collection of photographs by local photographer Leo Diaz, who is known for his exploration of the use of space and search for meaning in architecture. He shoots the world as it is, often from unexpected points of view. Much of his work explores the juxtaposition between structure and emptiness, capturing the sublimity of negative space.

Minutes beyond the hurried rush of South Beach, Bal Harbour Village is an intimate, seaside refuge— a poetic place of deep emotion amidst towering palms, thickets of tropical fauna, sandy white beaches and breathtaking architecture. Somewhere explores our sense of place through a photographic dialogue that heightens our awareness of the way we perceive the world around us. Architectural elements reveal themselves through kaleidoscopic forms. A tropical design dialogue, Somewhere gives viewers a new perspective into a treasured coastal community that is achingly alive and filled with all sorts of hidden beauty to discover.

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